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Bike Maintenance Stations

“Quick stop to make your bike tip top”

The council supports cycling and undertakes initiatives to encourage the use of cycling within the city. These new bike repair stands are a free, public feature which will allow all cyclists to conveniently maintain their bicycles. This will make it easier for cyclists to swap the car for a bicycle on a regular basis!

The City of Charles Sturt bike maintenance stations provide:

  • Secure stands to hold the bicycle during repairs
  • A range of retractable tools for minor repair works
  • A stainless steel bike pump

State Winner National Winner Email Badge - 2015In 2015, the City of Charles Sturt won the National and the South Australian title in the Heart Foundation Local Government Awards for demonstrating best practice in creating healthier communities. The stands were purchased with funding from this award and from OPAL Charles Sturt.


1. Entertainment centre tram stop, Port Road Hindmarsh 5007

Perfect for use when riding to catch the tram into the city for work!

GPS location: -34.907166, 138.574888
GPS location: 34°54'25.8"S 138°34'29.6"E
Metro Adelaide Tram stop ID: 18508

2. Tedder Playground, Belgrave Avenue, Flinders Park 5025

Perfect for use when on a leisurely ride out to the beach on the weekend!

Along the Linear Park trail
GPS location: -34.915783,138.537064
GPS location: 34°54'56.8"S 138°32'13.4"E

3. Point Malcolm Reserve, Semaphore Park 5019

Along Coast Park at Point Malcolm Reserve.

GPS location: -34.854545, 138.477788
GPS location: 34°51'16.4"S 138°28'40.0"E

4. Grange Jetty Café, 487 Esplanade, Grange 5022

On the southern side of the Grange Jetty café.

GPS location: -34.902940, 138.489235
GPS location: 34°54'10.6"S 138°29'21.2"E

5. Woodville Train Station, Woodville Road, Woodville

Along Outer Harbour Greenway, on the north side of the station.

GPS location: -34.877030, 138.538005
GPS location: 34°52'37.3"S 138°32'16.8"E

6. Dulwich Bakery Henley, 1/49 Henley Beach Rd, Henley Beach SA 5022

Conveniently located outside the Dulwich Bakery on Henley Beach Road.

GPS location: -34.925478, 138.501200
GPS location: 34°55'31.7"S 138°30'04.3"E

To report a fault with a station, please contact Customer Service on (08) 8408 1111 or email us at

How to use bike stations

How to remove a tire:

Bike repair and maintenance videos:

Bike Maintenance from the Bicycle Network

Bike Station Tools:

bike tyre pump


Tyre pump

Used to pump up tyres.

Steel core tyre levers 


Steel core tyre levers (2)

Used for removing tyres.

Torx screw driver


Torx screw driver (Size T-25)

Used for bolt heads found on many disc brakes callipers and rotors.

Cone wrench


8/10mm cone wrench

9/11mm cone wrench

Adjusts brakes, derailleurs shifters etc.

headset pedal wrench


 Headset/pedal wrench

Adjusting pedals, or removing wheel nuts for bikes that do not have quick release skewers also adjusting headsets.



Standard screwdriver

Adjusting gears but also could be used for adjusting lights bike computers or other accessories.

phillips screwdriver


Phillips screwdriver

Adjusting gears but also could be used for adjusting lights bike computers or other accessories.

hex key set

Hex key set

Adjusting cables, head stems, seats, handlebars etc.

Whilst the information supplied on the bike station endeavours to supply you with helpful information and service, the City of Charles Sturt takes no responsibility for errors or omissions within any of the information provided. Information, data and opinions provided within this information are a guide only and are used at your own risk. Please use good judgment for your benefit as the City of Charles Sturt accept no liability for any use of the said information and opinions or reliance placed on it. If you wish to use information provided for decision-making purposes, you are responsible for ensuring its accuracy and/or completeness by independent verification through relevant professional advice. These decisions depend on tailoring to your situation.

If you can’t fix your bike at a bike maintenance station, you could check with your roadside insurer to see if they offer a repair service as we note some insurers do extend cover to their customer’s bicycles. There are also great bike shops around Charles Sturt that can repair bikes too!

To report a problem, please contact (08) 8408 1111.

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