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Agendas & Minutes

Council ChamberOne of the most important functions undertaken by a council's Mayor and Elected Members is attending council meetings and participating in the decision-making process.

Decisions made at a formal council meeting provide the direction and authority for the council's ongoing operations. These decisions give direction to the CEO and are implemented by council staff.

Meetings also allow the Mayor and Elected Members to decide the council's policy direction and make decisions on other statutory matters.

Council is a corporate body and can only make decisions by resolution. This means a motion must be put to a properly-convened meeting and can only be passed by a majority vote.

The City of Charles Sturt has in place various committees to assist Council to conduct its business and these Committee are responsible to and report directly to Council, with the exception of the Council Assessment Panel (CAP).

Meetings are held in the Civic Centre at 72 Woodville Road Woodville.

Council, Committee and CAP agenda papers are available on the website on the Thursday night prior to the nominated meeting dates and will also be available on the night of the meeting. Minutes are available on the website  within five days of the meeting. 

Confidential Items

Council, Committee and CAP meetings are open to the public and media except on occasions where there is discussion of confidential items relating to, for example, staff or legal matters.

The Council or Committee may order that some or all of the documents associated with the item also be kept confidential. In the event that this occurs, the Council or Committee must also specify the duration of the order or the circumstances in which the order will cease to apply, or a period after which the order must be reviewed. All confidential items are kept on our register and you can view them here:

Confidential Items Register (104 kb)

Further information on Council, Committee and CAP including scheduled dates, agenda, reports and minutes can be accessed via the links below.



Current Council Committees

Asset Management Committee

Audit Committee

City Services Committee

Corporate Services Committee

Council Assessment Panel

Previous Council Committees

Development Assessment Panel

Finance Committee

Policy & Delegations Committee

Strategic Development Committee

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